M & K Ministry

I am the Vice-Executive Director of M & K Ministry and am an ordained minister with 14 years of experience in ministering to people who are stuck in life. I have been on my own God guided quest for the last 15 years seeking healing and transformation in my life. My desire is to help others  to appropriate the freedom that God has provided for all of us through Jesus Christ our Lord. I have ministered to many people from all walks of life. My passion is ministry to Adult Missionary Kids (AMKs) but I often minister to others.

However, this ministry is not about what we do or accomplish. It is about what God does in our lives. It is He who transforms our lives and walks with us into freedom. I am just a facilitator who is privileged to walk with people as they work with God through their struggles.

Click the link below to visit our site and join us in prayer as we ministry to hurting and struggling people. We welcome you!

M & K Ministry

M & K ministry is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under a registered 501(c)(3). All gifts are tax-deductible.