Is God in my day to day?

There are times when I need to take a step back and take a hard look at my day to day living strategies. We all have a strategy to how we live. For most of us, we don’t realize that we are living with a strategy, or if we do, we do not stick to a planned strategy.

I think that a lot of the time I live out of my sub-conscious mind rather than living in a conscious purposeful way. I allow the sub-conscious part of me to determine my responses to events in life. I know that is not healthy. A healthy way to live is to listen when my sub-conscious mind jumps in, but to temper and regulate what I actually dwell on and do with the thoughts.

I love the Lord. I want to do what is right. But sometimes, I find that I speak before I think. Well, actually that would be most of the time since I am never sure what I am thinking until I have said it. Every morning, I ask the Lord to help me hold my tongue until I can figure out what is going on inside; then to help me to have a godly response.

My desire is to respond to life from a godly perspective; through the grid of the fruits of the Spirit. That can only be accomplished of I regularly meet with the Lord and am open and honest with Him in the depths of my being, receiving truth from the only one who is Truth. Mind renewal is a daily lifestyle process where we engage with God intimately at the root of our belief systems allowing God to minister truth and expunge the incorrect beliefs we live by. It is a process that often involves battle against the evil spirits who do not want us to be free to live in the fullness of Christ. Battling against other human beings is like trying to defeat a monster by tickling him. Our battle in this life is against principalities and powers and etc. It is not a battle against humans even if they are involved. Therefore, it is a battle of the mind and heart. That is where we are so often defeated by the true enemy; in our belief systems.

Putting on the whole armor of God involves a daily strategy or battle plan. We need to think about the pieces of armor God gives us and what they do; what the symbolism is. We need to remember who we are in Christ and think on the things that help us to be more like Him. If we find that we are dwelling on things that do not honor God, repent immediately and change our thinking. We get to choose where we focus and what we think about after a thought pops into our heads. Take every thought captive so that we honor God. Only dwell on thoughts that are godly and appropriate. Stay plugged in to God so that we have the ability to do what is right. When we are triggered or act negatively, we become unplugged from God, our only source of freedom and peace.

God bless you each as you grow in Him.