We all have struggles. We all have reasons that we do not feel good either physically or emotionally. What we do in those times either make us or break us. Our responses are either fleshly or character building. We cannot just slide through life and expect to come out on top of things. We need to be vigilant at all times because the devil, our enemy, is determined to destroy us. His plan is to feed us enough lies that we will destroy ourselves in the process of living life. 

I love to people watch. It tells me a lot about them and how they manage their lives. In the process of watching people, I have learned a few things about human nature. Our default is to respond to life with fleshly patterns. If we get upset by something, our nature says to react, to take a defensive posture. We do not like feeling bad, so we cover it up by getting angry, pushing people away, or running away. Sometimes we blame others for how we feel. Sometimes we try to get other people to change so that we can feel more comfortable. None of these things are truly helpful to us. In fact, they put us into bondage to the very things that make us feel bad, our inner faulty belief systems. 

Did you know that other people cannot make us angry? We choose that for ourselves. Other people simply cannot make us feel things. Our feelings come from inside our own hearts; from our own beliefs. If I feel hurt in a circumstance, it is because of what I already believe about myself. If I believe a lie about myself, it will hurt when people make comments. If I believe the truth about myself, nothing they say or do can change that. I will still be at peace with myself. I might not like my circumstances, but I can have perfect peace in the midst of those circumstances.  

Knowledge about who we are in Christ is vital to being able to weather the storms of life. We are christians. That means we will be under attack because the devil does not want us to continue to follow Christ and grow in Him. Jesus told us to expect troubles in this life. Some of us will have more trouble than others. But, we can go through all of it with peace and joy. Why do you think that Paul and Silas sang while they were in stocks in prison? It was because they knew who they were in Christ. They understood that all adversity is, not from the people who perpetrate sin against us, but from cosmic and demonic forces who attack us through people to get at God. Why? Because they hate God and God loves us. They will attack those God loves. That means they are using people to attack us hoping to steal us away from God and destroy us, the beloved of God. The only true power Satan has in our lives is in the lies we believe. 

Mind renewal is critical to our spiritual well being as children of God. Our bodies respond to our emotional belief system. Negative emotions can cause huge health problems because our emotions affect our bodies. Some emotions can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and so on. (Research the studies for yourselves. It will be eye opening.) With mind renewal, we can be rid of the strongholds that keep us from being able to respond to life with peace and joy. Through out the scriptures there are teachings on this very topic. There are many methods to receive mind renewal, but keep in mind that hearing from the Lord, what He has to say to us in each of our circumstances, is the only way for it to stick in our heart. True mind renewal brings a lasting peace in each circumstance and memory where we receive it. It is a process that involves each part of our heart, the functioning part that knows how to put on a mask so that you can get things done, the guarding part of our heart that defends us under attack, and the emotion part of the heart where we feel the deepest hurts. To be truly free from bondage, we must receive truth into the very core of our being, even where the secret rooms are. The more places we receive the truth of God in our hearts, the more godly will be our responses to life and the more peace we will have. 

My prayer for you today is for the Lord to enrich you with His truth and peace in your inner most being.

God Bless! 


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  1. Jerrie Hester

    Excellent I am saving for a review when I feel the need. You improve with each post. Are you ready to consider writing a book? I think you have the thoughts and talents. Hugs jerrie

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    1. Thanks Jerrie. I am actually working on a book. It is a work in progress and has a long way to go. Right now I am sorting through all the material.


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