Healing Part 2

Have you ever been in a position where you found yourself in the emergency room waiting for a doctor to treat you? You wait for what seems like hours with doctors, nurses and technicians rushing around doing who knows what. You are in agony but it seems like everyone is taking their sweet time coming to take care of you. As you wait, the tension rises within you. What is taking them so long?!? You came to the emergency room because it was an emergency!

Emergencies do happen. Some of them are even life threatening. The physical body needs attention when it needs it. If you wait too long, the trauma can become worse and more complicated. It is the same with emotional trauma. If left unattended it can become worse and very complicated. But we tend to treat our emotional issues as unimportant. After all, it won’t kill us, will it?

What happens to a physical wound when it is left untreated? It may get infected as bacteria, that are supposed to remain outside the body, enter in through the wound. Untreated, they have discovered a damp warm haven where they thrive and breed. As their numbers grow, the infection spreads. The body tries to fight them off but the bacteria reproduce too fast for the body’s defenses. The battle causes the area to become inflamed and fevered. If still ignored, tissue damage begins and new bacteria join the fight against the body’s defenses. The entire body weakens. It begins to rot as gangrene sets in. You can see the picture. It is not good to let a wound fester with infection. It can eventually lead to death if left untreated too long. That is a body, soul and spirit consequence.

If that is true of the body, what happens if we leave emotional issues untreated? What happens if we just stuff it to “get on with life?” After all, isn’t it just an emotion? Buck up and move on!!

There are consequences of not dealing with our emotional wounds. In the same way as infection gets into the untreated physical wound, infection of a more insidious type gets into the emotional wound. Satan has a plan of infection for everyone’s lives. He uses the emotional hurts of our lives as the gateway to plant his seeds of infection. He knows how God created our souls and he knows how to exploit that to plant his infection, lies that are designed to trap and defeat us. If he can get us to believe lies while we are hurting, he knows that we will self-destruct. His purpose is to cause us to build walls against each other and against God. Those walls trap us holding us captive to Satan’s commands. They keep us separated from the very ones who could comfort and restore us. They make us ineffective in ministry. They attack us at the core of our being, disabling us in our God given gifting and talents. We react to each other treating each other as enemies rather than family and friends. Our real enemy is laughing in the background as he watches his masterpiece self-destruct. He cheers as our families fall apart and our churches fight and split.

The real enemy is Satan and his lies. That friend or family member that you won’t talk to any more is not the enemy. That mother or father that you are keeping from your children is not your enemy. That person at church that irritates the bejabbers out of you is not your enemy. Satan and his demonic and cosmic followers are your real enemy. They are determined to deceive you into believing that a human being is the problem or that God should have done something different. They want you to believe all manner of bad things about yourself. They are part of the infection and if we choose to harbor the lies in our hearts about ourselves and others, the evil spirits win and the infection spreads throughout the body of Christ.

The Church today is rife with infection. The inflammation is destroying the Church, the country and individuals as we go blindly on, reacting to everything and everyone that we do not agree with. It is as if we are blind, but armed to the teeth. As blind men sent onto the battlefield will kill more allies than enemies, so are we with our lie based reactive attacks upon each other.

There is only one solution. Surrender to Jesus Christ with all our emotion and hurt. Hand over the enemy’s weapons to Christ and let Him refit us with His weapons of truth, mercy, grace and love. Then ask Him to come into our wounded places and bring healing. He is the only one who can erase the lies that have been planted in our hearts. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill us completely without resistance. Bring Him to each wounded place for His personal healing touch. God is not the enemy; either are our family, friends and Church family. But we do have an enemy and it is time we recognize who he is and stand up against him and his minions. We need to tear down the unhealthy walls that prevent relationship and put up healthy walls against outside attack.

Prov. 4:23 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” (NLT)

If you find yourself reacting negatively to things, you may want to check your heart to see if you have an unattended infection. Ask God for His supernatural healing in that place.

Rom. 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” (ESV)

God wants us to live peaceably with everyone. We cannot determine what others do, but we can choose within ourselves to live godly lives and interact peaceably. We can only do that if we have truth in our hearts.

God bless you as you seek Him.