I hear a lot through TV and social media about healing, either through miracles or health products being promoted. I also hear a lot of negative response to these things. Some even call it evil or demonic. So, today, I am going to stick my big toe into the waters and weigh in on this topic from my own perspective. I want to add, it is so easy to take scripture and make it fit your ideal. My caution here is, read prayerfully and ask God for discernment to know the truth. The Holy Spirit was given to us to lead us into all truth (John 16:13). Do not just accept what is said or written because scripture is attached to it. In Acts 17:11 it says that the Berean Christians were more noble than the Thessalonians because they studied the scriptures for themselves to see if Paul and Silas were telling the truth.

It is often said that God CAN heal. But it is seldom believed that He WILL heal. I have mentioned two means by which some claim to be healed; by miracles and by using health products. Health products can be helpful but be cautious about accepting everything that is said about them. Something that helps one person may not help the next because our bodies are each unique in their responses to food and medicine. Also, some things that are advertised are simply money making gimmicks. But others will help. Do your research before spending money. Make sure there are not going to be negative side effects. I know of many very good products that promote health.

I tend to shy away from the hype of miracle healings. But I know some people who have been healed miraculously where even the medical professionals are baffled as to how it could have happened since humanly speaking it was impossible. Jesus performed many miracles while he was here on earth. I do believe he is still performing miracles today.

So, what is a miracle healing? In order to classify something as a miracle, we must define what a miracle is. According to dictionary.com a miracle is:

“an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.”

My personal definition, which is a conglomeration of several official definitions is as follows.

Anything that occurs, that defies all known natural or scientific explanation and cannot be caused by any known current technology or human act. It is supernatural in nature and has positive results.

With that definition in mind, we can know that a miracle is not:

  • Technology based
  • A natural phenomenon
  • A demonic manifestation, though demons can perform what appear to be miracles.
  • Does not naturally occur

So, what is a miracle?

  • It has a supernatural origin, as in, it comes directly from the hand of God.
  • It is to glorify God and fulfill God’s purposes
  • Humans can benefit from it but cannot copy it.

Jesus conception and birth were miraculous since a man was not involved in making it happen. Someone on their death-bed being healed when it is scientifically and physically impossible, is a miracle. It is not a miracle to land a plane safely. We have a human pilot who is highly skilled and technology that make it possible. It might be a scary landing but it is not miraculous.

Having said all of this, I think it is important to understand that demons can and will imitate God’s miracles if it will benefit them in their plans to trap you and place you in bondage. Not everything that appears miraculous is a God thing. Always ask God for discernment when miraculous things are happening so that you are not deceived.

I personally had a miracle healing. I had been in an accident that damaged my lower back. I was not able to walk well and certainly not without a cane. I had a personal encounter with God one day as I was dealing with issues from my past. During that encounter, God healed my lower back. I have not needed to use a cane to walk since that day.

On another vein, I have an illness that medicine cannot cure. I have plead with God to heal me. I believed that I would be far more effective in ministry if I was healed. In one prayer session, I clearly heard God tell me that He was going to use my illness for His glory. I was not to be healed of this specific affliction at this time. I have chosen to trust that He knows what He is doing and has my best in mind. God is sovereign. I worship Him. I am not sovereign and He does not worship me. He is my sovereign Lord and I will submit to Him in all things. He can see the whole picture and I cannot. He reminded me of what Job went through and Job’s attitude through it all. Yes, God can heal and does, more often than we realize.

Physical healing is not as important as spiritual/emotional healing. Spiritual healing occurs when we who are spiritually dead, come alive through rebirth into the kingdom of God. We have accepted Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. Emotional healing is the renewing of the mind as God replaces lies with truth in each and every place in our lives and hearts. It is a soul healing and it brings us into a place where we are connected to and thinking like Christ. That is a process we go through in order to grow and mature in our walk with God and our relationship with Him (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The body will eventually die. Sometimes God heals us of our physical sickness through miracles. Sometimes He heals our bodies through the healing of our souls in mind renewal, breaking strongholds and setting the captives free.

Our body, soul and spirit are connected and interact with each other as we live on this earth. When our spirit is dead, our body and soul suffer. When our soul is in bondage, our body and spirit suffer. When our body is ill or injured, our soul and spirit suffer. We respond to life as a package deal. If we have an illness that cannot be healed naturally, we can always ask God to heal us and He sometimes will within His plan for us. If we have a soul illness and we come to Him for healing, He will always choose to heal because that is His perfect will for us. Soul healing is mind renewal and bondage breaking. It is relational. It is about connecting with our creator. Sometimes we need help with that. Seek help when you need it and you will be blessed.

This is by no means a comprehensive discussion on the topic of healing. I hope these thoughts cause you to begin to think about the topic and seek discernment. Research for yourselves what the scriptures say on the topic. I would love to see many of you come to places of healing in your lives, both physical and emotional. If you do not know Him as your personal Lord and Savior, I pray that you seek the Lord while He may be found. Do not miss out on the regeneration of your spirit. Accept Christ as your savior. You will not regret it. The benefits are eternal peace and joy.

Have a blessed day!


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