The Throne Room

Is there something that you are struggling with? Have you lost a family member or friend? Are you being persecuted? Does it feel dark and alone inside? Whatever it is that is causing you to struggle, God wants to help you walk through it. You may be thinking, God is fine, but I need someone with skin on. That is true. We all need community. We were created for relationship. Our human relationships are vitally important, especially when they are God centered.

Did you know that you were created for relationship with God? He is meant to be our source. We were designed to go to Him to have all our needs met. At the same time, when God had created Adam, God said, “It is not good for man to be alone” Gen 2:18. So, God made woman from the rib of man to be a helper, suitable for him. God created us for community. But we were designed for the deepest most intimate part of us to be in communion with God. No one can fill that place in us except God. Not even our spouse can fill that need.

When we isolate ourselves from people, we damage our soul. When we isolate ourselves from God, we damage both soul and spirit. We warp what God created to be His home in us. Then the enemy, demons and cosmic spirits, take up residence in the throne room of our heart; the holy place of God. We struggle then, because God is not in the deepest place where He belongs. We reserve one of the outer rooms and call it God’s room. But the deepest place of our heart becomes darker and darker, lonelier and lonelier.

I am going to challenge you, today. Take the time to open every room, cupboard and closet in your heart and invite Jesus into those hidden secret places. Don’t worry about the mess. Just invite Him in and ask Him to help you with the long overdue house cleaning. He will be delighted to help. He would love to get rid of the demonic mice that are polluting and making you miserable. But ask Him to stay and fill those rooms with himself. He IS the Truth. He IS the Way to freedom. He IS the Life. If you do this, you will begin to wonder how you managed without Him because you will begin to be filled with love, joy, peace and so much more. It takes time to clean up our inner sanctum. But it is worth it. After cleaning up, invite Jesus to take possession of the throne room, His real throne room. Daily connect and commune with Him. He will teach you things in your heart that you were never able to apply before because you only had Him in the outer room. It is in that inner room that godliness grows. The outer room is just a library. The inner room is where God’s truth takes hold of you and transforms you. Knowledge alone cannot do that. Although knowledge is important, the most important thing is relationship with God our creator and savior. This occurs in its fullness in the deepest places of the heart.

What if I think my secrets are too bad for God to ever want to come in to that place? He already did that on the cross. Nothing can be worse than the evil placed on Him at the cross. Yet He willingly took it on. He already knows. The key here is choice. We each have the right to choose whether we allow God into the inner room that He created for Himself in us. He will never force His way in. The devil will force himself on us, but God knows how important it is for us to be able to choose for or against Him in each place in our heart. He loves us with an everlasting love. But He will not take the throne room by force. Invite Him into all the secret places so that your struggle is not so hard.

Praying for each one who comes to visit my page. May you receive His freedom in the deepest places of your hearts. May you be enriched by His presence and communion.