Unity in the Body of Christ

Why write about this topic? I write to you because of the lack of unity that I see among the believers of Christ. It is a serious issue that affects all believers. In our present age, we are strongly influenced by the world through technology. We are inundated with worldly principles and attitudes. We listen to social media more than we listen to the Word of God. Thus, too many are accepting and practicing ungodly ways of thinking and ungodly practices. We who are believers, are the body of Christ and because of the sinful practices, there is a cancer in the body of Christ.

The cancer of which I speak is the adoption of sinful worldly practices declaring them to be right when God has declared them to be sin. Too many times I have heard some say that what the Bible says about their sin is too harsh and archaic; that it is not really sin.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If He says something is sin, then it is still sin today. Therefore, a white lie is as much a sin as murder. So, that sounds harsh, but the truth is that even our thoughts will be judged by creator God when the judgement day arrives. Scripture tells us to take every thought captive. We are to have enough self-discipline to control every thought that enters our heads and direct our own thinking to godly perspectives. We too often think of God as a benevolent Santa Clause who will answer all our demands as if He is a vending machine who is there for the sole purpose of pleasing us.

When we see Him face to face, do you really want to see disappointment in His eyes? Or, do you want to see delight in His eyes? The only way we will see the delight is if we stop excusing our sinful behavior and begin to diligently focus our hearts and minds on mind renewal. That is the same as saying that you want to change your thinking and behaviors to ways of thinking and behaving that please God. I am not talking about works and legalism. I am talking about loving God so much, that all you want to do is to honor and please Him. His grace is sufficient to cover all our sins, but that does not give us the right to do whatever sinful behaviors that we want. Ask God to help you change your “want to.”

God sent His only begotten son to us to live a perfect life while being tempted in every way just as we are tempted; to suffer brutality at the hands of evil men and to die the most horrible death imaginable; to go to hell and fight for the keys of hell; to unlock the gates of hell itself and rise from the dead on the third day victorious; to return to heaven and sit at the right hand of the Father. Why? So that we can be free from the bondage of sin and the punishment of death that we deserve. So that we can be restored to right standing with God. This is serious stuff because sin and its consequences are deadly serious stuff.

Since God went through such drastic measures to save us, I think it is time for us to take drastic measures and to take sin seriously. Sin is sin. There is no difference between a lie and a white lie.

Now I am not suggesting that you lead the life of a monk in a monastery so that the sinful influences are avoided. What I believe pleases God most, is when we ask God to show us each day, what part of our belief system He wants to work on that day. Listen to Him with your heart. When He shows you something that He wants to change, don’t resist. If you feel resistant to change, ask God to show you why and work on that until you no longer feel resistant to addressing the issue that God pointed out. Then ask God for truth in that place. He told us that the truth will set us free. Let Him do the work in your heart. If you do, you will begin to see changes in your attitudes and behaviors. It is the work of the Holy Spirit in our heart that brings us to freedom. If you keep doing this as a daily act of obedience to Christ, He will transform you in ways you did not think possible. You will also become so close to Him in relationship that your love will grow to the place that your attitudes, thoughts and actions will be easier to manage and you will live out of a place of grace and love. There will be less discord and more unity among believers and the church will be transformed. The cancer will be removed.

There are times when we just have a stinking attitude and we need an attitude adjustment. Ask God for the perspective that will truly change your attitude. Ask Him for His perspective. Whatever you are struggling with, whatever your sin, God wants to be a big part of the process of setting you free from the bondage you are in. If you don’t think you are in any kind of bondage, and you love the Lord, keep asking Him where He wants to plant truth in your heart. You will be amazed at how much you can still grow in maturity in the Lord.

Sometimes we need someone to come along side of us to help us deal with some issues. Find a safe person who knows how to pray you through your issue. We need each other in the body of Christ. God created us for relationship with Him and with others who love Him. We can only truly thrive when we are in community with others who also seek God and are willing for God Himself to teach them and guide them.

Spend time with God every day. Do not miss your time with Him. It will make a huge difference in your life if you are consistent with that. If you have something against someone, deal with it in your heart first. Spend time with God on the issue until you are set free and have complete peace in that area. Then see if you need to still talk with the person about the issue. You can then go to them with peace in your heart to try to restore fellowship with them.

My prayers are with you!