Where are you rooted?

The thought keeps coming to me that I am rooted in something, like a plant. My spiritual and emotional health is dependent on the type of soil in which I am rooted. The outcomes of my life are also dependent on what I am rooted in. We could look at this in several ways.

  1. The environment in which I grew up influences every aspect of my life consciously and subconsciously. It provides some of the soil into which I have been rooted.
  2. My interpretation of events also provides soil for me. Every event that happens is subject to interpretation. That interpretation is what we base our responses on.
  3. What people (and often spirits) tell me also provides soil if I accept their interpretations and opinions.
  4. Other sources of soil can be TV, social media, newscasts, movies and shows. There are so many sources that we can consider.
  5. The best soil is the word of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to interpret it for you.

So what is soil for the soul, and how does it affect us? Soil is anything that can influence our belief system, thus dictating how we respond to life. Soil can be healthy or unhealthy. If we are rooted in unhealthy soil we will wilt, wither, respond poorly to life. If, on the other hand, we are rooted in healthy soil, we will flourish and prosper.

We all have things that we react to. Reactions simply show what kind of soil we dwell in. If our soil is unhealthy, we need to infuse it with good nutrients to remove the bad or boost low level nutrients. Soil can be enriched or replaced depending on what is needed. So if we are to become spiritually and emotionally healthy, we need either new soil or soil enrichment. How do we do that?

I have written often about mind renewal. That is what we must do to both replace bad soil and enrich the nutrient poor soil. Some of us have been planted in soil that is poisoned with lies and misconceptions from overtly abusive events in our lives. Others have been subject to a lack of nutrient rich environments through the absence of good things. Then there are those who received nutrients that helped us to grow but they were artificial nutrients or maybe good nutrients infused with a few artificial fertilizers and sprayed with bug poisons that also poisoned us.

Our soil needs to be cleaned. We need to get rid of the wrong fertilizers and bug sprays of our lives. We need the poisons removed. That takes some digging to get to the source where all the bad things were introduced and begin to enrich the soil with the fertilizers of truth.

Now, most of us know that organic fertilizer is the refuse from animals and introduced to enrich the soil. It makes plants grow well and produce good fruit. I think that is also a metaphor that can be used here. The refuse of our emotional and spiritual life that was introduced to cause us harm is what God uses to cause us to produce fruit in our lives. He infuses it with truth to replace the harmful belief system that was poisoning us. Then we are no longer wilted and withered and suffering from the pain we have endured. Instead, we become stronger and in that same soil, cleaned with the truth of God, we flourish and grow.

This can take time, depending on how poisoned and nutrient poor our soil is. But we can trust that God will enrich our soil and keep enriching and purifying the soil. Receive this from God. It is good. It may disturb us as the bad soil is stirred up. If we choose to endure and accept the stirring of our hearts, God is faithful to purify and enrich our lives beyond our greatest dreams and imaginings.

So, what kind of soil is in your heart? I challenge you to ask God to stir His enriching truth into the soil of your heart. Be rooted in His truth. You will not regret it, if you follow through with it.


Many blessings to you all!


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