In modern day society, as in other eras, we do not like having to be accountable to others. That is human nature. It is the sin nature. We want to do our own thing and not have to answer to anyone for what we do. God calls us to a higher standard. Romans 14:12 says, “Therefore, each of us will give an account of himself to God.” We will be judged by God Himself concerning our deeds. But more than that, He will be judging our thoughts and attitudes. Our standard is scripture and Jesus himself. We are called to be more like Jesus day by day. It is not something that just happens as if one day we wake up and discover we are perfect Christians. We have to be fully engaged in the process as willing participants who seek God actively. 2 Corinthians 5:10 tells us that we have a divine appointment with God to give an account for our lives here on earth. Matthew 12:36 also tells us that we all have to answer to God for our lives. We account for our deeds, words, thoughts and attitudes.

When you are upset, do you find it easy to hold your tongue? Have you ever called someone stupid because you were feeling triggered? Is it easy to have a pleasant thought when you are upset? What is your attitude like when you are mad? We all have difficulties in these areas. Even those who do not like to admit that they are upset have the same issues as everyone else. We are all human with human failings. When we are upset, we have a tendency to do and say things that potentially harm others. The scripture has more to say about words and the tongue than any other topic. That is because we all have an issue with carelessly used words. It is also because words are the most powerful force in the universe. Nothing else can affect people like words do. Words brought the universe into existence. Words can make you sick. Words can heal. Words can bless and they can curse. Blessings and curses affect people’s lives. There is always something behind the words. There is will and choice, thoughts and attitudes.

Accountability is not a limiting thing. Accountability enriches our lives. If I have an issue that I am in bondage to, I am limited. I am not in control. The issue is controlling me. I am not free. I am enslaved. If I want to be free, I will want to work on that issue. I will want to overcome it. But if that thing is my master, I will not be able to overcome it. At least I will not be able to do so without failing and trying again and then failing and trying again over an over. On the other hand, If I make myself accountable to some one else who can help me with it, I will be better able to take my life back and overcome the issue. With accountability, I will think twice before engaging in that enslaving behavior.

There are two problems that I see here.

  1. I cannot see God. Therefore I do not think about being accountable to Him. The motivation is not strong to change.
  2. The issue or sin is my master. It is easier to submit to temptation if the sin is your master, than to submit to God. Therefore, working at it usually ends up as a vicious cycle of defeat.

This is why we need other humans who care about us to help us walk through it to victory. We all need accountability partners. An accountability partner is:

  1. Someone who is more spiritually mature than I am in the area of my weakness.
  2. Someone with the godly wisdom required to help me overcome my sin.
  3. Someone who cares enough to challenge me when they see that something is wrong.
  4. Someone who I respect enough to be honest with, concerning my weaknesses.
  5. Someone who will always point me to Christ and respect me through out the process.
  6. Someone who will stick with it no matter what happens.
  7. Someone who will not let me get away with failure…they will keep point the way to Christ.

If we are willing to be accountable to someone and we are willing to daily engage in mind renewal as a disciplined practice, we will be victorious overcomers. Not only that, but we will also begin to develop intimate relationship with God and His peace will rule in our hearts. This is extreme freedom. God loves us enough to bring people into our lives to help us walk into a place of freedom with each issue we have.

Walk each moment as if you will see Jesus face to face immediately. Remember, you belong to Him and he wants you to be free.