Taming The Tongue

I just want to share a quick thought that came to me this afternoon.

No one can tame the tongue. That is what the scriptures say. Yet God calls us to do so. If we focus on taming the tongue, we will miss the point.

Yes, God is calling us to self-discipline which starts with the tongue. Self-discipline is vitally important in the Christian walk. But, there is something else that is critical, that God is calling us to.

Lets look at it this way. In order to tame the tongue, we must renew our minds. What we say comes from what is inside our hearts. In order to renew our minds, we must seek truth from God. In order to receive truth from God, we must choose to engage in developing relationship with God as Father, Christ as Savior, Lord and King., the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide and comforter. In order to do that we must be willing to open every part of our heart and soul to God. He wants us and loves us. As a friend reminded me today, He delights in us.

The point is, God wants relationship with each of us; intimate relationship. That takes a two way communication and deep learning about each other. Just think about it, God wants us to know Him…really know him.

May God bless you with the richness of relationship with Him. It will free you from bondage.