Walking in Freedom

Walking in freedom sounds so good! We often hear sermons about walking in freedom. What does that look like in our daily living? How do we do that? What does it mean?

The simple answer is found in the word “relationship.” We were created for relationship with our creator. Adam and Eve had relationship with God in the garden of Eden. They traded that relationship for a piece of fruit. We live in the fallen world they created so relationship is broken for us until we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. He is Savior to all who accept Him and to all who worship and obey Him as Lord.

God calls us to enter into an exchange with Him. We are in bondage to sin and death. He paid for it all, but we have to give Him the sin and shame in exchange for accepting Him as our Master. Only then can we begin to walk in freedom. Then we must develop a relationship with Him. As that relationship grows, we shed more and more of the things that bind us.

As I said earlier, that is the simple answer. If we make relationship with Christ our daily priority, we will discover that we begin to become more like Him. It is often the same way in other relationships. We become like those we hang out with.

What is relationship? It is a two way connection between people who interact for various reasons. Note, if it is one way, it is not much of a relationship. The scriptures indicate that God wants relationship with us. That means that He connects with us and we connect with Him. There is interaction. He speaks into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. He leads us, guides and teaches us. He comforts and comes along side. We must seek Him and He will come to us. He already knows us intimately. We do not know Him well. We can learn all about Him through His word and as He teaches us about Him experientially. Since He desires relationship, He will communicate with us. We have to open our ears, eyes and heart in order to hear and grow in Him.

When you start a relationship with someone, you are spending time getting to know them. You want to know as much about them as possible. If we do the same with God, we will get to know Him and the things that please Him. As our love for Him grows, we will desire to please Him with our actions and attitudes. The more we please Him, the less bondage we will be in.

There are times when we need someone”with skin on” to help us in overcoming issues that plague us. It is always good to have someone we are accountable to who will be able to walk us through the stuck areas of life. If they come with us before the throne room of God, they can ask the questions that will help us to better hear God as He gives answers that free us.

Walking in freedom is about relationship. But, it is also about receiving truth in the right places in our hearts. When we hear that much needed truth from God, it is life changing and gives maintenance free transformation.

I must leave you for awhile with this short post, but I will be continuing on my normal schedule when I get back home. Many blessings to you all, in the mean time.