We all struggle with impatience from time to time. We do not always know the source. I have discovered that when I am feeling something, it is because of my own beliefs, not from external sources. In the midst of emotional events, it seems like the cause of what we are feeling is from someone or something “out there.” In reality, the source of the emotion is a lie that we accepted at an earlier point in time. The devil does not want us to ever be free from the bondage of the lies we believe. Therefore, he made sure that the source of our pain is hidden and that we believe others are the cause.

The scripture says that the truth will set us free. Therefore, we need to be always seeking truth. The source of that truth is God, so our seeking needs to be from God. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to lead us into all truth. When we pray, it is to the Father, through the Holy Spirit in the name of the Son. So, how is this relevant to impatience?

When I feel impatient, it is because I am believing a lie about something in the triggering event. That lie may not be something we recognize. It is usually about who I believe I am. I will look for belief statements like, “I am not worth it” or any type of “I am” statements. The “they are” statements distract my heart from what I believe about myself because the self beliefs are too painful or uncomfortable  to accept or focus on.

True freedom comes when we are willing to accept that we believe these lies, own them and then give them to Jesus in exchange for truth.Why do we give them to Jesus as opposed to the Father or the Holy Spirit? Because it is Jesus who suffered and died so that we can be set free. We are essentially taking the lies to the cross and accepting the truth that, Christ died for it all so that we can live in the freedom he bought for us with His blood.

I used to get stuck in the thought that I cannot be set free from someone else’s sins against me. The truth is that Christ died for everyone’s sins. Everyone’s sins were paid for at the cross. Therefore, when someone sins against me, I can be free from that and the emotional baggage that comes with it because Jesus already paid for it. He bought it so we can give it to Him in exchange for the truth that He wants to replace it with. We don’t have to hold onto it, conditional on the other person’s repentance. It was paid for regardless of whether or not they accept it. If we accept that, it sets us free.

My impatience comes from a place where I believed that everything is wrong with me if I cannot get my point across effectively or if the other person is not receiving what I am telling them.

The truth is:

1. Their actions and attitudes only impact me when I allow them to.


2. Whether they are slow, or do not understand, or don’t want to understand, or whatever is going on with them, I can choose to allow them that space in their lives and hearts without losing my peace. That is their issue. Allow them to own it. Don’t take it on.

But, I cannot do that without the peace of God ruling in my heart. That peace only comes when I am willing and able to let go and give the lies and false beliefs to Jesus.

Pray this prayer today:

Jesus Christ, thank you that you died for all sins, not just mine. Thank you that your sacrifice was to set me free in every area of my life. Teach me how to get to the root of my emotional baggage. Help me to be consistent and persistent as I seek freedom and truth from you. Thank you, Holy Spirit, that you were sent to me to lead me into all truth; that you are my comforter; that you walk beside me and indwell me; that you pray before the throne of God for me when I am at a loss for words. Thank you, Father, for the sacrifice you made when you sent your son to suffer and die on a cruel Roman cross because of my sins. It must have been unbearably painful for you to watch as He died a long tortured death. I choose to honor you by rejecting the lies Jesus died for and accepting truth in its place. You are a God of exchanges. You take evil and put it in its place. You exchange it for truth and peace. May your truth and peace forever rule in my heart. I acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Lord and master of my heart and life. I choose to seek truth and live in the peace that truth brings. Amen!

May God bless and keep each of you as you walk in His ways and seek His truth to be planted in the depths of your hearts.