Who are you?

It seems that the universal question often asked is ‘Who am I?’ The only way to understand who we are is to understand something about our maker. No, evolution is not a viable explanation for who we are and why we are here. The enormous number of variables needed for it to be evolutionary chance are so numerous that it is impossible that there be life of such consistency as does exist.

Therefore, there can be only one explanation. There is a creator who brought all things into existence. Not only that, but He has His hand in everything to hold it all together. That means we are important to Him and He cares what happens.

  1. You are a created being. In the first chapter of Genesis, God discusses making us, unlike all other creatures, in God’s own image.
  2. God said you are higher than the rest of creation.
  3. He is intimately involved in your life. You could not even breathe without Him making sure that can happen.
  4. Man lost connection with God through sinful choice.
  5. You are important to Him.
  6. He sent His Son to pay the penalty for your sins so that, if you choose that gift, you will not have to pay that penalty.
  7. He created us with the right to make choices knowing that we would reject Him.
  8. Through His Son, He provided a way for us to be reconciled with Him if we want to be.
  9. He bought us so that we no longer have to be in bondage.
  10. He called us His children
  11. He wants relationship with us.
  12. He wants to redeem every part of our lives.
  13. God said that, before He ever created the earth, He had us in mind and has a plan for us that is good. Jer. 28:11 is about His plans for us.

So, based on that, we can conclude that we are loved children of God. We belong to Him. We have a purpose. So, who am I? Who are you? We are children of God made for good works. It is time for us to acknowledge that we have a creator who deserves our worship and praise.

There is something else about God that can help us to understand ourselves.

14. We are created in His image. He is one God with three parts. That is a concept that seems to cause many to stumble. But we know that we have parts to us. We are complex beings. Because we need a way to understand that, God describes himself in terms that will make it a bit easier to understand. We know what a father is. We know what a son is, and we know what a spirit is. So, God describes himself in those terms. He is one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Since we were made in His image, we can know that we are also multiple. We have body, soul and spirit. We have mind, will and emotion. In fact, we are not always in agreement with all parts of ourselves. If we learn to talk to each part of ourselves and come to agreement with each part, we can more deeply connect with God our creator. Don’t forget, in Genesis chapter one, God, all three parts, discuss making man. They come to an agreement and make man in their own image.

So, who am I? I am a complex being created by a complex God for fellowship with Him. He is Elohim which is a Hebrew plural for of the word god. Why plural? Because He is three parts but one God. I, like Him, am plural. Besides having a body, soul and spirit, my soul is made up of a function part that is the reasoning part of us. My soul is made up of a guardian part that is the will, choosing part of us. It is the part that is there to make choices and guard our hearts. Then we have an emotion part of us that is not terribly logical. It is the playful part that so much enjoys relational situations. When wounded, it is the part that holds the pain. It is the part that carries all the emotional parts of memories. As I said before, not all our parts are always in agreement with each other. We have not been taught that we need to get along with ourselves, but it would make life a lot easier for us if we stop when that happens and discuss with our parts of the soul what we are thinking and feeling and work it our so that we are in agreement.

I know, that all sounds strange. But, it does begin to make decisions easier. When you have a few choices and emotion is involved, talk to the emotion part to find out what is going on and work things out. Then make the decision. That will make the process smoother.

That is a little introduction to who we are in relationship to our creator. It makes me sense a deeper connection to God than to this world.

God bless you through this week.


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