We all live with lies, misconceptions, and misunderstandings. How do you know what is truth? We tend to depend on other human’s to tell us what to believe and what not to believe. I have a friend whose family is in serious trouble because of this very thing. So many secrets were formed and so many lies told that it is hard for them to sort through what is true and what is lie. It is hurtful and painful as the truth begins to come out and some family members deny the truth and others are at a loss to know who to believe.

How do we sort these things out? I believe, when the scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit was given to us to lead us into all truth, it really does mean it. We have the Holy Spirit living in us, to comfort, guide, teach and intercede. We need to take advantage of that fact and ask for the Holy Spirit to give us truth. There is one thing I have learned about how the Holy Spirit works. He will never lie, force, or make us do anything. That includes listening to Him. If there is any part of our heart and mind that does not want to know the truth, the Holy Spirit will allow us to believe what we want to believe. Another thing He does is wait for us. He is patient. He will wait until we are ready before He ministers truth to us. Another thing we need to know about how the Holy Spirit works is that He waits until we are in the place where we can best hear from Him before He speaks. That is usually in the root memory where the lies are planted. 

It is really helpful to understand these things. Let me bullet point them for you.

– The Holy Spirit is a gentleman who never forces or makes us do something.

– He waits until we are ready to hear Him.

– He was given to us to lead us into all truth

– He is our guide, comforter, teacher and intercessor.

– He waits until we are ready to face our pain in the memory where it is rooted, until we are ready to listen to Him.

When we are ready, usually when we are tired of the pain, He will minister. We can come to Him and receive truth, understanding, wisdom and insight. It is only truth that sets us free. Why does the scripture say that?

Lies, misunderstandings, misconceptions and our attitude about these things are what keep us in bondage. Jesus took care of all of it on the cross 2000 years ago. The reason we are still stuck in the pain is because we do not believe we are set free. Belief is binding. That is why we need to seek truth. When we believe the truth, it sets us free. We can then live our lives without the bondage of our old emotional baggage that weighs us down. We are free, we just don’t understand that yet.

When you have an emotional reaction that is dragging you down, seek truth and the Holy Spirit will give it to you. You will find the emotional reaction slip away as God replaces it with truth. Truth brings peace.

May the peace of God fill your hearts and minds as He blesses you with truth.


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