What is your passion?

Do you know what your passion is? It took a long time for me to find my passion. As I engaged in mind renewal and I witnessed God redeeming my painful past, I began to see what my real passion is. What I thought was my passion turned out to simply be a passion to hide the pain. When our pain is lifted and we develop deeper and deeper relationship with God, He shows us our true God given passion. It is a passion that God uses powerfully.

How do you identify a passion? Ask yourself these questions…

Does this energize me? Do I want to do this all the time? How do I feel when I am engaged in this activity? Is this exciting to me? How do others benefit from this activity? How do I benefit from it? Does it feel like God enjoys this with me?

The answers to those questions will identify your passion. Not all of life is enjoyable. Sometimes it is just plain work to keep going. Not every aspect of our jobs are enjoyable either. But if there is a part of it that energizes you and holds your interest making you want to keep doing it, then you can easily get through the parts that bother you.

Sometimes God calls us to do things that we do not enjoy. Do them with all of your heart and God will bless and honor you. Not everything in life has to do with our passions. But God built us with the capacity to have a passion and I believe that if we find our passion in life, the difficult things we need to do will be so much easier to handle. God uses our passions to further His kingdom.

Even if we do not like what we do, we can change our perspective and find something good in it. It depends on our focus. Are we focusing on the negatives or on finding every positive we can find? Are we doing the job “as unto the Lord?” That makes Christ our focus in the things we do. It lifts the load for us. We love Jesus Christ. If we do everything as if we are doing it for Christ himself, it will become a joy to do it.

I am not saying that we obey abusers who require us to sin. I am talking about the duties of life and work. Do it all for Jesus Christ and an act of worship toward him. You will be blessed even in the little and mundane things as well as the unpleasant parts of your life and work.

Many blessings, my friends. I wish for you a special blessing today.