Are your secret sins not so secret?

There was a time when I thought that my secret sins were a well kept secret. I was surprised when someone easily identified my sin. I did not realize that people could see the symptoms of that disease in my life. I am calling sin, disease, because it has the same effect in our lives as a disease. It effects damage to our spirit, soul and body. It also effects those around us… our families and friends. So, let’s talk about sin and how it manifests in our lives.

Example: Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion that we choose so that we don’t have to feel other more unpleasant emotions. It only takes a split second for the guardian part of our heart to recognize that an emotion from a trauma based memory has been triggered. In that split second, the guardian of the heart sees the perceived danger and chooses to show anger so that the original emotion gets drowned out and re-buried. That is the job of that part of the heart and it is done so well that the function part of the heart does not even know what just happened.

That is all well and good. The scripture tells us in Eph 4:26-27, “Be angry and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity. There are legitimate times and places for anger. There are injustices that have been perpetrated against people and they have a right to be angry about it. The danger comes when we are angry and we do not resolve it. If we allow the anger to fester, we open the door to the devil and his minions. They are masters at taking the opportunities that we hand them. If we are uninformed, we do not even realize the danger we are in. They take control by whispering lies to us. We then, thinking those are our own thoughts, dwell on them and embrace them, locking them away in our hearts. That is then a room in our hearts that has been given over to satan’s control and dominion.

It works similarly with any sin we engage in. We get entangled when we engage in the sin and accept the lies that are handed to us by the devil and our own misinterpretations. When a sin is involved that touches the part of us that involves our understanding of who we are, the bondage is then stronger and harder to break.

Example: Adultry

Adultry is a core sin that creates soul ties with people and evil spirits. All Sexual sins create bonds with the demonic realm. That is why God told us to avoid those things. It entangles the core identity. We become slaves. We become driven by evil forces. The boundaries that God gave to us are for our safety. They do not restrict us. Instead the boundaries give us freedom to live life to the fullest. The idea that sexual sin is freedom is a lie from the pit of hell. It put us in bondage. It steals our freedom and imprisons our souls. We might feel guilty but we cannot get free from it alone. Yet the guilt stops us from seeking help from the very people who can truly help us.

When we sin, it puts a mark on us that the spirits attach to. The only mark we want on us is the mark that God puts on us to identify us as His and protect us. Sin has an effect on our spirit. It blinds us to what the Lord wants us to see. Sin has an effect on our souls. It bonds us to evil spirits and sells our kingdom birthright to the devil. Jesus shed his blood so that we could be set free. Continuing in sinful actions is like spitting in the face of Christ. But he wants to set us free from that bondage. He wants to get down to the root of the issue and remove it so that we can live in the freedom that he paid for.

What sin does to the body is hard to track, but there is evidence that sin effects the body and can kill us. Unresolved anger can cause heart attacks, depression, strokes and many other serious issues. Sexual sin degrades the cells of the body and reprogrammes the brain. When we are set free from the bondage of sin in the deepest parts of the heart, we can experience miraculous healing of the body and even reprogramming of DNA. I know, this sounds like huge bogus claims made to convince people to change their ways. I am pulling together the research that goes into this kind of stuff. What I have been finding is that pretty consistently across the board, researchers are finding these things to be true. In my next blog, I would like to explore this further with links to the research that I find.

In my experience as an inner healing prayer minister, I have seen physical changes in people after they receive truth in core memories. They are healthier physically and feel more freedom emotionally in the areas we have worked on.

Do you have an area in your life where you are harboring sin? Please get help as soon as you can. Find a safe person who understands how to find freedom. Ask them to pray with you to uproot the lies that keep you bound. Don’t stay in those stuck places. You have freedom waiting for you.

Many blessings! …until next time!


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