Do you feel stuck in your life?

There are times when we get stuck, blocked or stymied in our mind renewal process. Sometimes we are able to move forward again with just being patient with the process. Other times, where we are stuck is in a place we cannot seem to get to or understand. We have, perhaps, a block, stronghold or something else that is hindering us from being able to change and grow.

It is always my desire to do the right thing in every situation. But sometimes, I find myself struggling. The scripture did not promise us an easy time when we are following God. He has some seriously dangerous enemies. He cautions us to guard our hearts and to walk circumspectly in this life so that we do not fall into the traps set for us by His enemies. In spite of our receiving that warning, we fall, stumble or just simply walk into the traps. It seems like we cannot see the traps until after we stumble into them. Some of that is because we are being blinded, and some of that is because a stronghold drives us in that direction. Either way, we get ourselves into trouble. We cannot seem to break the patterns. We get stuck.

How do we get unstuck? How can we break those patterns that so dominate us? The truth is that we can’t on our own because the enemy is stronger than we are. We need someone stronger than we are to come into our lives and break the patterns and strongholds for us. His name is Jesus and His title is Christ. He is Lord over all of His creation. But, He is a gentleman. He will not force us to give up what we want to hold onto. How desperate are you to gain freedom in that area of your life that is holding you back?

Jesus Christ is truly the answer. We cannot gain freedom without Him. So, what happens when we cannot seem to connect with Him or hear Him? There are times when I cannot figure that one out. We need people that we are willing to trust with the deepest, most intimate parts of our hearts; people who are willing to walk to the stuck places in our lives; people who know how to reach God on our behalf in that place of darkness; people who will wait with us and listen to God so that they know what questions to ask that will draw us to the right place. If we are willing to trust the person who can do that, God will use it to bring transformational freedom into our lives.

If you can find someone like that, you have a treasured gift from God and an unlimited resource for change in your life. Return to joy. Be desperate enough that you are willing to risk exposure with the right person. Ask God who He chooses as your advocate before Him.

May God give to you the freedom you seek so that you can get unstuck.