What does God Require?

Did you know that God has expectations and requirements for us if we are to receive His best in our lives? Micah 6:8 tells us about God’s requirement for us. God wants us to promote justice, be faithful ( love mercy) and to live obediently (humbly) before our God (the creator of the universe; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob).

Wow! That is a tall order. What we want is so often to promote what we want even if it is not justice, love ourselves above others and to be proud bearers of our own banner. We end up being reactive, feeling miserable and being disobedient to God.

In order to do what God really requires of us, we have to submit to God and be humble and obedient to Him. We need to put His interests first. Here is the good news. When we do what is required of us, we reap benefits that we cannot even begin to imagine.

It really does seem to be contrary to logic. But it truly does work. Isa. 55: 8 says, “For, my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways  my ways, saith the Lord.”

If we can sit back and look at creation including what we know of the universe, seeing how massive it really is, we realize that God must be pretty big to create all of that. We can also look in the microscope and see the little universe in there. Everything works together from the smallest thing to the biggest. Our own lives are a miracle of creation. Chance cannot accomplish with the intricacy and consistency all that exists today. Only a living God with a plan could achieve it all. If He is so great and we are mere specks in His creation, what kind of arrogance and pride do we have that would assume that He is our celestial vending machine who exists to serve us in all our demands?

Look at creation and life for what it really is. Look at God for who He really is. God is holy, pure, unchangeable, merciful, love, truth and so much more. We cannot even begin to understand Him. It is time for us to stop pretending that we are in control and that we are the center of the universe. We aren’t…God is!

And this huge God who could wipe out creation with a word and us with it in all our selfish and wicked ways, sent Jesus to be our Messiah, our Savior. He put on an earth suit to be the sacrifice in our place. He humbled himself, fulfilled what justice required, and in His great mercy, redeemed us from ourselves and from sin.

The least we can do for our God, King and Savior, is to be obedient to Him, humble ourselves before Him, love justice and what is right, and show mercy because of His mercifulness to us. My question is, “Who do you think you are!?!”

Is your answer to that question, “I am an obedient follower of Jesus Christ (Messiah). I am grateful for His redeeming sacrifice. I bow before Him who is my King….? Or is it, I am on the throne of my heart and will do what I please no matter what.?”

In today’s culture, we tend to be self-centric. We are of the “me” generation. We live in a culture of entitlement. But, if we are children of God, life is not about us. We are born into a kingdom that has a king with absolute authority. Disobedience has consequences even if we do not reap them immediately. Obedience has positive consequences which may not be immediately evident but will give us a life so rich with blessings that they even carry on through out eternity.

Humble yourself before the Lord today. Learn to live like you belong to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Life is not about us. It is about God’s purposes in this world and in our hearts. He loves us and wants us to have the best life. The spiritual life is far more potent and powerful than the physical realm. Learn to interact with God in spirit and in truth. There are so many blessings that we forfeit because we refuse to yield to God and acknowledge Him as Lord of our lives.

May God’s full abundance of blessings be evident in your lives as you learn to grow in relationship with Him!