Spiritual Inflammation

This may seem like an unusual topic. I have been mulling this issue over for some time and have finally decided to write a little bit about it.

Spiritual inflammation is a lot like physical inflammation. We all get inflammation in our bodies. Some of us may have only experienced it a few times in our lives. We may have gotten a sprained ankle, inflamed tonsils, irritation in the eyes, flu or cold. There are so many ways that our bodies can experience inflammation. When we do, we are miserable until the inflammation subsides. Some of us have more chronic types of inflammation that we just have to learn to live with. These may be caused by autoimmune disorders such as, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus or any of the many others that life can hand us. No matter what type or cause the inflammation is from, they fall into two categories; external source or internal source. The external source we will call disease. The internal source we will call disorder.

Diseases are caused by an external source invading our bodies. When the invader enters our bodies, our immune system finds it and begins to fight it. This conflict causes several things to happen that I will not go into except to say that the area begins to heat up and often will swell. That is inflammation. The body is engaged in battle to protect you. If you have a weak immune system for whatever reason, it is difficult for the body to fight the invader and the result is sickness in some form. When this happens, it is time to help the body with some external formula… medicine, to help destroy the invader. When the invader is destroyed, the inflammation goes down and we feel much better.

Disorders are different. They occur when the body fights against itself. There can be any number of causes for disorders to form. The bottom line is that few of them have a known cure that reverses the disorder. Therefore, we live with the inflammation, pain and increasing damage to our bodies. For some, life can become impossible to function in without outside help. The longer we live with a disorder the less functional we become without serious intervention. Long term disorders can also bring on psychological difficulties such as depression, constant anger and stress. Often, those with autoimmune disorders have to live on pain killers and other types of meds that dull the pain and make it more manageable. The trouble with those solutions is that there are physical and sometimes psychological side effects from the medicine.

So what does this have to do with spiritual inflammation? Spiritual inflammation can be caused in the same two ways. Disease: when we accept into our hearts things that others hand us that devalues who we are in Christ…how we see ourselves and respond to others and God. Disorder: Our own miss-interpretations of events that affect our perception of ourselves, others and God.

When we accept into our hearts things that are not truth based or we miss-interpret events, intents, or actions, we are harboring lie-based thinking. So what does that do? That is the source of spiritual inflammation. Spiritual inflammation affects the spirit, soul and body. When we believe lies about events, ourselves, others or God, we have an emotional reaction. The emotional reaction tells us that something is wrong with our belief system. If we push it away or bury it, it will simply fester over time and come out stronger and more putrid like puss. Unresolved emotional issues affect our bodies causing things like heart problems and autoimmune disorders. (As an aside: Not all autoimmune disorders are from emotional issues and even those that can be are not always emotion based.) Unresolved emotional issues open the door to demonic involvement in our lives which creates spiritual disease in the same way that unmanaged autoimmune disorders open the door to bacterial and viral infection causing physical disease.

We cannot respond well to God when we have lie-based thinking controlling our emotions, thoughts and actions. The only way to get rid of the inflammation is to provide a way to receive truth in those hidden places and strongholds of our lives. It is the healing transformational scripture based truth that comes from the Holy Spirit who was sent to lead us into all truth. All of us have lie-based thinking that we live by. Christ was the only one who did not. In fact, we can believe one thing with our heads and another with our hearts.

Receiving transformational truth in the secret places of our hearts is mind renewal. Truth is the only thing that can bring peace. The thing is that we do not even know our own belief systems most of the time because we are a divided people. Allow the Holy Spirit to enter those secret places of the heart where the emotional reactions come from. He will give you the exact truth needed in each place.

This is not about extra-biblical revelation as some people think. If it is not in line with scripture, it is not from the Holy Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in your heart and you will find that you do not react to the things you used to because of the truth that you allow into your heart. Reactiveness is simply an indication of spiritual inflammation that is begging for the Lord’s healing attention.

May you all be blessed with transformational truth!