Do We Strive/Wrestle With God?

In Genesis 32:22-30 is the story of how Jacob wrestled with God. He would not let Him go until he had been blessed. He was desperate for a blessing. He had just sent his people and animals to a safe place because Esau, his brother was coming. He was afraid. So while he was alone, a “man” came and wrestled with him until daybreak.

Are there situations in your life that weigh you down? Do you have a situation that looms over your head overwhelmingly? Perhaps you need to spend time with our Savior, wrestling through the issues involved and not give up until you receive the answers that bless you with peace.

Jesus told us to ask so that we may receive, Matt 7:7. He wants us to come to Him with our troubles. There are times when we need to wrestle through it. However you do it, do not give up.

You are precious to Christ. Hold onto Him and never let go… Never give up! The Psalmist, David referred to his longing for God as panting after him like a deer pants for water. How passionate are you for Christ? Does He mean so much to you that you could never let Him go under any circumstances? If not, begin by spending time with Him each day. Learn about Him. Experience Him in your day to day lives.

Who is Jesus? This Christmas season is for celebrating His birth. It is also a time for reflection. Reflect on who Jesus is and how real He is in your life. Ask Him to awaken a longing in you for Him and the truth of His coming. Ask Him for truth because He is Truth. He said the truth will set us free. This time celebrates His coming to work in our lives and hearts. It is His birthday. Walk with him into the shadows and secret rooms of your heart. He will bless you.

Many blessings!