Have you ever been so angry that you did not know what to do with  your self? I have. Anger is discussed in scripture. There are legitimate reasons to be angry. In Ephesians 4:26-27 it says, “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on the cause of your anger. Do not give the devil an opportunity.” Jesus was angry at the temple money changers. He is angry at sin. We must be cautious because we have the tendency to sin in our anger, especially when we dwell on the thoughts that come with it.

It is appropriate to be angry at sins perpetrated against others, ourselves and God. Injustice calls for anger. But we must remember that we have a sin nature that we are, throughout our lives here on earth, battling against in order to have our hearts purified and consecrated to God. Anger, if we harbor it, opens the door to the evil spirits who will take advantage of that to place us in bondage. That is why, later in Ephesians 4 we are warned to put away all anger. We are no match against the devil in the mind games he likes to play with us. He is a master at deception. While we are angry, we cannot reason logically. We then end up accepting the devil’s lies as if they are logical and legitimate thoughts of our own.

If we act on our anger, we run the risk of entering into willful sin. It is not sinful to be angry. The sin starts when we are disobedient to God’s word by dwelling on the anger, by opening the door to the devil and his schemes. Sin begets sin. If we dwell on the cause of our anger and will not submit it to God, we will then listen to the devil’s lies. We will then act sinfully in our anger. Then we are in bondage to a master that is not God. That is worship of self and sin. In this, we have all broken the first commandment; You shall not have any other gods before me.

Be wise. Put your anger to the test to make sure that you reject lies that try to slip in and then submit the anger to God and leave it at His feet. He is the only righteous flawless avenger of sin. If you do sin the scripture tells us that God is faithful to forgive us all our sins and restore us into fellowship with Him. Confess your failings to Him. Ask God to lead you into truth so that the cause of your sin is removed. That will give you the freedom that you need in Christ. Never give up! Always seek God in the high places and in the depths and dark places. He is faithful, always.

God bless you all!