Logic vs. Emotion (Part 2)

Last week I began to discuss the emotional aspect of our lives. Rather than consigning emotions to the pit, thus locking them into our heart along with the belief system that keeps them alive, the key to emotional freedom is mind renewal. I have discussed a fair amount of information about mind renewal. The key to mind renewal is Christ. Not just Christ but a deep and growing relationship with him. If we seek him in our emotional struggles, he will lead us into peaceful pastures like Psalm 23 describes. He always does that through imparting truth to us in the places where we hurt. It is like putting healing salve on our open wounds.

Logic is a very important part of life and relationship in that it helps keep us on an even keel. We need balance in our lives. If we are only emotional, that can lead to chaos in relationships. If we are only logical, we end up with weakened relational bonds or none at all.

I have known both men and women who are primarily emotion driven and their lives show the results with broken homes and wounded relationships. I have also known both men and women who are mostly logical. They do not connect well with their spouses, children or even with the Lord.

Logic is a necessity in order to function and deal with life. We need to be able to figure out what to do and how to go about it. Some consequences of logic include the advancement of engineering discoveries, the development of safety systems at home and while traveling, being able to think things through when important decisions need to be made and leadership of countries, companies, families, and so on.

If we do not have logic, we just cannot function well or achieve the things we really need to achieve in order to survive. Logic helps us to assimilate and understand truth.

What is a healthy balance between logic and emotion? When we are willing to equally submit our logical side and our emotional side to Christ and his ministry in us, it will produce fruit in our lives that will protect our hearts, help us to function well, give us clear minds and instill joy in our hearts. It will make it possible to have peaceful homes and relationships, even when we don’t agree on everything. We will become God’s version of successful. Our lives will be transformed.

Some may say that you are successful when you shut out emotion and just do things the logical way. The problem with that way of thinking is that nobody is capable of being only logical about anything because we were not created that way. It is unbalanced and will create many problems in our lives. We will experience friction in our relationships to the same extent that being strictly emotional in our thinking and responses will create friction.

Spend time daily with Christ, in the Word, talking and listening. Learn who Christ really is, not only what you are taught from the pulpit. Remember, the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth if you are willing to listen and be led. Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life; your whole life? Or, do you have hidden rooms in your heart that you need to invite Him into so that He can help you clean it up?

There is a scripture that I really like because I can visualize the safety that it refers to. Proverbs 18:10 (NAS) The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe.

When we look to the Lord as our strength and protection and run to Him, He is our protection. We do not need to do anything but run to Him. When we know that we are safe, the emotional side is at peace. Then we can logically think out what we need to do to move forward. Part of true logic will include the input of the Lord and following His advice.