Overcomer–Our Walk With God

A key part of being an overcomer and renewing the mind is to be deeply connected with God. Simply put, mind renewal is receiving truth from God, replacing lie based thinking that we have held onto. In order to receive from God, we need to connect to Him.

If I am going to connect with my friend, I need to contact the friend in some way. If I am to develop the friendship, I need to meet with my friend, spend time and communicate. I need to learn who this friend is and what my friend is like. I need to begin a heart to heart connection, the depth of which is up to the two of us. In the same way, we need to make a connected relationship with God. That means we need to learn who He is, what He is like, and spend time with Him to develop a relationship with Him. How deep we go with that depends on us, our desire to connect, and the time we spend developing the relationship.

Relationships are not really one-sided. When we reach out to God, He reaches out to us. He is a gentleman. He will never force himself on us or force us to do what we don’t want to do. He wants to spend time with us. His heart is filled with love for us. We can experience that if we draw close to Him. He will answer our questions if we go to the place that they are coming from and listen to Him. Spend time in the Bible, learning about who God is and what His desires are toward us. Spend time in prayer with Him, talking and listening. It is a learning process. You will get better at it as you practice.

A book that I recommend that will teach you a deeper way to connect with God is, “Joy Starts Here” by E. James Wilder


This book teaches us how to connect with God from all facets of our heart.